n a barber shop, delivering great customer service is vital. It is about more than cutting someone’s hair; it is about the connection you make with the customer. For example, we look at our customers as if they are our friends, and in doing so, we combine both leisure and work. This is the mentality that makes our customers come back. They would rather go to their friend than to a stranger. It is all about trust. Once the connection is made, the level of trust increases as well.  Also, for good customer service, you need a great team. We are a family business with 4 brothers and 1 cousin running the shop. Some people might think that working with family (and so many of them) would make it harder to always be cooperative. However, I can easily say that we are a great team. Working with family makes it easier for one of us to leave the shop now and again. This is because we don’t have to worry about the business… as long as we know there are people around who care as much as you do.