eople will often say or think that accountants are more the back office type and typically have nothing to do with the client. However, these days, a good customer experience really comes down to the accounting team, more so than ever before.
As an accountant, you have to understand every department, every project and all of the capabilities of an organisation. Also, it is not just about translating figures, but about sitting down with our clients to discuss their businesses and offer them practical solutions or improvements as well.
As a global accountant, I work in over 9 different countries and therefore need to know what’s happening in the markets of other countries, what their policies are in different places and how we are going to work through all that. It is also important to understand what our clients want from each of these countries. (This is actually where it gets really interesting!)
I love my job because of the many interesting aspects of my role, the value of it and the strategic approach I get to take. It continues to motivate me every day.