or me, there is no routine.  Every day and every person I meet is different. My motivation for doing this job is not only the fact that I like traveling, but I also enjoy leaving an impression on people. I like to make everybody who comes on board feel special. I like to interact with people – individuals and children – and leave a “goosebump” feeling for them. For example, there was a flight at 8am and I saw this family coming on board with their children who looked absolutely terrified. So, I tried to identify a few little things that might take their mind off the flight.  I asked one of the kids what the name of his teddy bear was and make a little joke that made him smile. That changed their mood instantly. Sometimes, someone orders champagne to celebrate a special occasion. I don’t just give it to them and leave… I ask about the special occasion. These are just some of the little things that I believe leave lasting impressions.