amish is a veteran of the ad industry, yet his insights are as relevant today as they have ever been during his 26-year agency career. Hamish worked at some of the best agencies in the UK, on over 50 brands. In fact, he’s probably worked on nearly every market sector you can think of. His extensive experience means he is able to help develop the response to a client brief from a position well up the ‘learning curve’.

He was also the Director General of the IPA for 10 years and during his tenure he appeared many times as an interviewee on television and radio, featured in numerous articles and TV programmes, and he’s a much sought-after conference speaker.

Hamish also co-authored several books and wrote ‘Celebrity Sells’.

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e believe that in today’s fast-paced society,doing is more powerful than feeling or thinking. Getting someone to do something with or for your brand is not only easier, it has the power to change attitudes instantly.

Behavioural science suggests that changing consumers’ actual behaviour – getting them to do something for a brand or cause– is the quickest way to lead them to feel differently, then think differently. This is our experience in delivering clients the results they want.

Creativity is our lifeblood: running through every aspect of our work from strategy to campaign ideas and execution.

And in world crowded with communication, focusing activity on getting people to do something is appropriate as well as efficient.

We work equally happily delivering all of a client’s needs or a specific part of their requirements, as long as what we are doing is true to this.

We’re a young, vital, creative agency, but with a lot of experience behind us. We’re curious and collaborative, working together to find the best way to do things.

We like good clever people and strive to surprise our clients and ourselves on a daily basis. We’re committed and when we set out to get something done, we do it, and do it well.  All these things make 23red great to work with and fun to be around.

23red holds the IPA CPD accreditation and champions Continuous Professional Development. Our CPD programme offers engaging, effective training that ensures our skills always match our clients’ needs and our agency’s business objectives.

We believe that developing people’s contribution to the goals of the organisation benefits the people themselves, their organisations and people outside of the organisation, and we have been accredited with Investors in People since 2002. 23red has a firm commitment to quality and efficiency, confirmed by our achievement to be awarded ISO 9001:2008 in 2006.