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What is bridgetalks

A lecture series designed to inspire business-minds on a variety of subjects relating to employee engagement, leadership and culture. Each talk is delivered in a relaxed and easy-to-relate manner, allowing attendees to gain further insight into business, people and real solutions.

the format

Registration from 6.30 PM | Talk from 7 PM

BridgeTalks are held in an informal setting with only one engaging talk in an evening. The talk is to last approximately 40 minutes and will follow a brief introduction by a senior member of the Bridge Team.  Post talk, there will be a 15-20 minute audience Q&A, followed by a networking drinks reception and opportunity to meet the presenter. 

who talks

Individuals with a significant background or expertise in people management, employee engagement, organisational culture management or brand experience are asked to share their passion, personal stories and professional experiences with other business minds.

who attends

BridgeTalks is now moving into its second year and has been attracting a very diverse audience, ranging from a variety of Senior Directors, HR, Customer Experience and Employee Engagement Managers. From SME to large corporations, all participants share a common interest in creative thinking whilst learning in an open, friendly and relaxed space.

beyond the talk

We encourage all business minds to join the BridgeTalks community and connect with a variety of creative business thinkers, experts and like-minded individuals. Through the exchange of ideas, sharing opinions, personal stories and professional experiences, we can create a network that works together to drive success and happiness in the workplace.  Join the BridgeTalks Leaders Forum on LinkedIn and share your stories with other BridgeTalkers.


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  • The greatest difference between any business and its competitors is their employees
    Simon Lewis
  • We all have challenges… it’s how we deal with them that counts
    Duncan Slater
  • Investing properly in people in order to build a brand – together – is an imperative when you know the brand legacy you are trying to build and to maintain
    David Marshall